Friday, March 11, 2011

Sienna is 3 years old, Sydney 4 months!

Not sure if I am really up to maintaining this blog (2010 seems to have escaped me!), but since my last post I got pregnant and had baby Sydney! Ha! a couple photos below.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sienna's 2nd Birthday party

Tea Party with a Twist
Sienna and Mommy

Sienna with her aunties

Sienna and Daddy
I don't think Chris or I have really stopped to realize that we have been parents for 2 years now! Her birthday is the 27th, but her party was this past weekend, just a small party with no other kids so that she could be the center of attention, just how she likes it! She was having the time of her life yelling at the AFC/NFC finals matches on T.V. with everyone else ("oh, fumble!"), and was very polite when opening presents, putting the wrapping paper in the trash bag and saying thank you to everyone who gave her gifts. The funniest thing is that she wanted a spoon to eat her cupcake (well, the frosting) after she blew out the candles. Very different from last year's demolition of her cake! She was very excited to hear everyone sing the "Happy Birthday" song for HER, since she has had lots of practice singing it for others at her daycare, to the point that any time she sees a candle or a cupcake, she says, "oh, happy birthday!" Needless to say she was wiped out by the end up the day, and went to bed early, I think she slept for almost 12 hours last night - if we hadn't woken her up, who knows how long she would have slept! I only have a couple pictures because as hostess I always forget to take pictures, but auntie Jenny got some good ones too, so we're good. Thanks to everyone that made Sienna's day a happy one - the attention is the best gift she could ask for!

December 2009

Surprised she sat on Santa's lap! I wasn't going to push it by telling her to smile!

Helping build nana and pop pop's golf bag organizer.

In her Christmas dress before heading to church Christmas Eve.
At the daycare's Christmas party with all her friends.
On the carousel at Fashion Island, after taking our family Christmas photo.

Ah, December. Fun times, but glad 2009 is over. We ended up all getting the stomach flu in the days leading up to Christmas Day, so I do not have too many pictures of the season. The best Christmas gift for Chris, Sienna, and I was the gift of health! Sienna loved the Christmas lights ("pretties"), sang Jingle Bells a LOT, and had the cutest way of saying Santa Claus. She also liked saying "elf." Wish it could be Christmastime all year long!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Love This Time of Year!

The fall season is upon us, everyone is healthy, and we are very excited for the upcoming holiday season!

Here are just a few photos of Miss Sienna, now 21 months old, from this Halloween season. She is growing up so quickly, I think being around 2,3, and 4-year olds at her new daycare has something to do with it! She loves reading books aloud to herself, sings all the time, and wants to do things by herself (like put on her shoes, for example).

We didn't go trick or treating tonight - thought about it, but since we went to the mall earlier, and took her pumpkin with us, she got to see other kids dressed up and did a little trick-or-treating there. And when the ONE group of kids that came to our house tonight were getting their candy, Sienna didn't seem that interested. So, we played dress up in the house tonight! She already had 2 Halloween dress up parties at her daycare too. Next year we will venture out. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sienna is 1 1/2 years old!

Our little girl isn't so little anymore! Well, she's long and lean, to be exact. 22 pounds, 32 inches, which was something like 15% weight and 74th percentile height. She's happy, she's energetic, and she's practically vegetarian, although she is finally warming up to chicken fingers with ketchup! loves her fruit and veggies and (yuck) soy cheese. Still allergic to milk!

Summer has been fun, she's a good little shopper with mommy, and loves to run around on the field outside, bark at dogs, and try to shoot hoops on the basketball court. she sings a few songs, like ABCs, pat-a-cake, the elmo song, 2 songs i made up, and the words and phrases keep stacking up! let's see: hi mama, bye mama, thank you mama (that's my favorite, because she does it in the cutest, girliest, southern accent way!), same for dada, gama, cheese, no-no, hey, uh oh, okay, all done, all gone, see ya, okay bye, kitty, ruff ruff or papa = puppy, nice to meet cha (sort of!), elmo, baba, appy = sippy cup, uppie, num nums, wa wa, juice, ....i'll just stop there because even if i keep trying, i'm sure i'll forget something! 12 teeth still, last time i checked!

We took her on our first family theme park adventure to Sea World, which I'm really glad we did because it got us out of town for the day, and it's really toddler friendly! We were wiped out by the end of the day, and we were only there for about 7 hours! The plan is Disneyland on my 30th birthday August 10th, but with family members too, so we will see how that is! Funny how I HATE Fantasyland as an adult, but have this newfound excitement for Dumbo just because of Sienna. And the Casey Jr. train. Ah, but will I be able to go on Indiana Jones and Space Mountain?? I really need a date night at Disneyland, but not until it's decorated for the Christmas season! It's been too long!

I'll attach some more recent photos below (or above, which ever it ends up being) so you can see how she has grown since my last post. Her hair is getting longer, I think she'll get her first haircut before I go back to work in Sept! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lol ttyl

Mommy is finally on summer vacation, so maybe I will update this site more often! I have more recent photos to upload, but until then, here are a few from May that I have not shared...

If Sienna could really text, she'd probably type "okay c-ya, ba-bye!" This photo is from the end of April, when she was just turning 15 months. It was the first day we brought home the little chair she is sitting in.

The photo above was on Kentucky Derby Day 2009. Had the hat, had the dress, had the horse - why not? :)

This photo is of daddy and Sienna on Mother's Day (they match, sort of).

Little missy brushing her teeth like mommy. She catches on quick! 12 teeth as of 17 months, but I think she's working on some more right now (really drooly on Father's Day and today!)

And mommy and Sienna in AZ for Memorial Day! Okay, see ya, bye bye!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sienna Dancing

This is a quick clip of Sienna showing off some of her dancing moves, filmed by Auntie Jenny. It was back in April, and she had just turned 14 months. Most of the video is sideways (does anyone know how to rotate video clips?) but it's still cute nonetheless!